UV Sterilizer


Aquapro UV lamp: 11W, 14W, 21W, 29W, 41W, 55W

Pressure: 8.6 bar

Components: Lamp cover, light bulb, quartz tube, lamp shade.


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Product introduction

What is UV light (ultraviolet lamp)?

  • As a type of light bulb that has a structure similar to a fluorescent light, the difference here is that the light passing through the lamp is ultraviolet light, which helps to kill bacteria and disinfect water for treatment.

What is the structure?

  • Ultraviolet light bulbs are made of materials like glass or can be made of quartz. The inside of the shadow contains a certain amount of mercury gas and certain Argon helps the combustion of ultraviolet light into these substances will produce ultraviolet light with a wavelength of less than 280 nm, which is the air resonance ray. cash.
    Uses: Disinfect water sources with UV rays.

Uses: Disinfect water sources with UV rays.Uses: Disinfect water sources with UV rays.

How is the germ killing muscle of the lamp?

  • Ultraviolet rays or UV rays have a very strong bactericidal effect, which can cause deformation to bacteria, killing bacteria quickly.
    However, for each water source that contains its own bacteria, the disinfection process of germicidal lamps depends on the type of bacteria to kill and the time of sterilization so that it can bring clean and clean water as expected. want.


  • Destroy up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and viruses
  • Easy to install, maintain and maintain
  • The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is stable throughout the life of the lamp
  • Ultraviolet lamps can be replaced and there is no need to disconnect the water supply line.
  • Transparent quartz tube protects light bulbs but does not reduce irradiation of ultraviolet rays.
  • Material of stainless steel lamp cover 304 or 316 as required
  • Save operating costs and replace components.
  • Ballast has an activity indicator light and an alarm signal but works

Application of uv lamp

  • With the convenience as well as the cost saving, safe, easy to use, does not pollute the environment, it is widely used in business production enterprises, factories, apartments, ... regardless of field Any area that requires a safe, clean water source will apply a germicidal uv lamp model to improve business productivity, as well as improve the quality of life.


  • Sterilized, bottled and bottled drinking water and common drinking water systems
  • Killing water sources in processing vegetables, seafood, food
  • Kill bacteria of domestic water, waste water during production and business ...


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