Water Filter Media

Name: Coconut Activated Carbon 
Made in Viet Nam
Size: 6 - 12, 4 - 8, 5 - 10 mesh
Density: 500 kg / m3
Packing: 25kg / bag - 20 bags / pallet
Characteristics: Black, dry, loose grain shape
Application: Used in water treatment, waste water, exhaust gas ....
Products are manufactured and distributed by Duc Hieu Company

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- Birm is a filter material of Clack Corporation - USA dedicated to remove soluble iron and manganese compounds ingroundwater resources.

- Birm seeds act as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the oxidation reactions of Fe 2+ to Fe3+ and produce Precipitated iron hydroxide (alum) to be easily filtered and removed by precipitation.

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Name: Modi activated carbon

- Origin: India

- Size: 8 - 16 mesh, 4 * 8 mesh

- Density: 450 kg/m3

- Packing: 25kg/bag - 20 bags/pallet


Characteristics: Black, dry, loose grain shape

Application:Used in drinking watertreatment,pharmaceuticals,food ... color separation in cooking oil production, bleaching in sugarcane, fresh beer, industrial production of monosodium glutamate, fish sauce ... 

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Name: Powder activated carbon
- Origin: India
- Size: 200 mesh (or according to customer requirements)
- Density: 250 kg/ m3 - 450 kg/m3
- Packing: 25kg / bag - 500 kg/ jumbo bag

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Water Treatment Equipment


Application: Used to contain filter materials in water treatment systems

Products are imported and distributed exclusively by Duc Hieu Company

For more details of the product, please contact: (+84) 028.66758996

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Aquapro UV lamp: 11W, 14W, 21W, 29W, 41W, 55W

Pressure: 8.6 bar

Components: Lamp cover, light bulb, quartz tube, lamp shade.


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Origin: Netherlands
Material: Stainless steel 304
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RO E-MEM membrane

Material: Polyamidate

Characteristics: High pressure, low pressure

Uses: used to remove ions in water, desalination, purification of pure water

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Flow rate: 0.5 - 1.5m3/ h, 3 - 5 m 3/ h
Working pressure: 0 ~ 6 bar
Control line: 220VAC
Protection level: IP68
Interrupt time: 10 times / second
Maximum operating temperature: 60 0C
Operating life: 200,000 times opening and closing
Material: Brass / Stainless Steel / Synthetic Resin.

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Uses:Control valves are installed on the filter column to control the flow and perform filtering,

backwash, sweeping, and salt cleaning functions.

Manufacturer: Runxin

Rressure: 0.15 - 0.6 Mpa

Flow: 1 - 10 m3/h

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