E-Mem RO Membrane

RO E-MEM membrane

Material: Polyamidate

Characteristics: High pressure, low pressure

Uses: used to remove ions in water, desalination, purification of pure water

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Product introduction


  • Highest operating pressure: 600 Psi (4.14 Mpa)
  • Operating temperature: 450C
  • Free chlorine concentration: 0.1 mg / l
  • PH of water during operation: 3 - 10
  • Measure the pH of the water during the chemical cleaning process: 2 - 12


  • Suitable for desalination of water sources such as surface water, groundwater, tap water and urban water, etc., LP series is mainly used to treat different types of industrial water such as industrial pure water.
  • Additional boiler water in the power plant, and can also be applied to brackish water applications such as high concentration saline wastewater treatment and beverage production purposes.      


Test conditions:

  • Test pressure: 225 psi (1.55 Mpa)
  • Concentration of test solution 25 ° C (NaCl): 2000 ppm
  • PH Value of test solution: 7.5
  • Recovery rate of single membrane element: 15%

Limit activities and conditions

  • Maximum working pressure: 600 psi (4.14Mpa).
  • Supply water flow: 75 gpm (17 m3 / h) (8040), 16 gpm (3.6 m3 / h) (4040)
  • Maximum water supply temperature: 45 ° C.
  • SDI Country: 5
  • Residual chlorine concentration of feed water: <0.1 ppm
  • PH of feed water while continuous operation: 3 ~ 10
  • PH of feed water during chemical cleaning: 2 ~ 12
  • Reduce the pressure of single membrane element: 15 psi (0.1Mpa)


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