Duc Hieu Company is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of materials and equipments in the water treatment industry. Our company also provides wide range of water treatment systems for different areas. With experienced, enthusiastic, dynamic and creative staffs, we hope to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

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Products provide

 Water filter media:

- Activated carbon: Vietnam, USA, Australia, India

- Filter sand, filter gravel 

- Grain Ph: LS, Flomag

- Iron removal: Manganese, Birm

- Ion exchange resin: Purolite, Higer, Extrepure

- Sorbent AS - Russia

- Arsenic Removal


Water treatment equipment:

- FRP tank: Pentair, AQUA, NOVA ...

- Inox tank

- RO membrane: Dow, GE, Toray, Vontron, E-mem

- Control Valves: Runxin, Pentair, Clack ...

- Cartridge Filter: Korea, USA

- UV light: Aquapro



 Wastewater treatment equipment:

- Distribution Disk: Taiwan, USA ...

- Pumps, submersible pumps, vertical pumps

- Price of micro-organism, probiotics

- MBR membrane, air blower ...


 Chemicals for wastewater and wastewater treatment:

- Coagulating chemicals: PAC, Polymers, alum ...

- Chemical algae 

- Chemical scouring boiler

- RO membrane cleaning chemicals

- Chemical lifting cleaning, lifting PH: NAOH, Na2Co3 ...

- Bacterial, Acid: H2SO4, HCL ...


 Applications in the following areas:

- Bottled water

- Super pure water for plating

- Ice making

- Textile

- Beverage, brewery

- Enterprise, companies, schools

- Industry zones .....


Vision - Mission


Become the leading company in Vietnam in importing and distributing in-products field of water

treatment, water purification. Develop according to the trend of integration, sustainability and

business efficiency associated with community benefits. Gain credibility from customers and key

business partners along with the continuous development of employees is an important factor

contributing to the success of the Company.


Always striving to bring products with the best, unique and different quality known to customers

line. In addition, Duc Hieu also creates many successful opportunities for staff and helps employees promote their full capacity. Encourage and encourage together towards the goal


Core Value

- Prestige: Commitment to keep promises to customers, partners, employees company and


- Respect: Respect customers, partners and employees.

- Trust: Honesty brings trust in every relationship Contacts, transactions with colleagues, customers,


Business Philosophy

"Prestige - Quality - Efficiency - Solidarity, cooperation and development"