Pressure Gauge - Stem mounting
Origin: Netherlands
Material: Stainless steel 304
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Product introduction

Operating pressure: 0 - 10 kg / cm2, 0 - 16 kg / cm2, 0 - 25 kg / cm2
Permissible temperature range: -20oC - 60oC,

Clock face size: 100 mm
Connection foot material: Copper
Connection foot size: 1/2 ″ NPT
Connection type: Stand foot, Rear leg
Accuracy: +/- 1.0%

Assembly type: Install directly on the pipe

Materials: Sensor connector contact fluid to make copper alloy, watch shell made of 304SS, glass surface.

Uses: Measuring water pressure, measuring positive pressure (without measuring pressure lower than atmospheric pressure).

Application: Measure the pressure of liquids or gases in equipment or pipelines, withstand high temperatures and corrosion resistance of the substance.

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