Sorbent AC - Russia

Name: Sorbent AC

Origin: Russia

Size: 1.5mm - 2.5mm

Density: 450 kg/m3

Packing: 30 liters / bag

Identification characteristics:Dry, reddish-brown granules with angular shape

Application: used in drinking water treatment, toxic gas absorption, oil spill recovery ....

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Product introduction


  • Used in industrial water supply systems as well as domestic water supply systems.
  • The storage capacity of absorbing particles is 3.5 to 4 times higher than quartz substitutes for other auxiliaries (quartz, quartz sand, filter gravel, ...)
  • Application for producing refined oil, phenol (replacing activated carbon, anthacite coal);
  • Used to remove iron, manganese, heavy metals (copper, zinc, calcium, lead, etc.);
  • Absorbent AC is effective as pretreatment of ion exchange water treatment cycles, increasing the life of the softening grain.
  • Increases the efficiency of dissolved particles by reducing the amount of wash water by 60%, increasing the filtration cycle by 2-3 times.
    Reducing costs, completely replacing water treatment chemicals (flocculant, flocculation aid), achieving standard aluminum of 0.2 mg / l.
  • Advantages:Long service life with annual loss less than 2%
  • The easiest absorbent is not activated carbon produced in Eastern Europe and CIS "Sorbent AC" works with all oxidants such as ozone, Hypochlorite Sodium, potassium permanganate, and others.

Sorbent AS is Alumino adsorption catalyst, for chemical and physical treatment of water. It is a very efficient and economical substance, used to remove iron-soluble, manganese-soluble compounds, providing high filtration ability and it is easy to clean from deposition particles by cleaning methods. .

Sorbent AS is recommended for pressure filtration and non-pressure filtration systems as a main or multi-layer material layer.

Sorbent AS is used in centralized water treatment systems, in water treatment and water treatment systems to remove iron, manganese, chromium, heavy metals (copper, zinc, lead, nickel, calcium , etc.). The first method of separating suspended substances and flocculation.

The principle of operation is based on filtering the above mentioned impurities with porous filter materials on the surface. The oxidation of ions dissolves with oxygen initial saturation methods under air pressure. One of the advantages of the filter is the reliability and the chemicals do not participate in the operation of It and recurring regeneration of filter volume. This is a very effective means to remove the impurities above at a low cost including minimal labor costs. Iron content decreases from 95 to 96%.

In accordance with its characteristics, the aforementioned desiccant is used for light filters in industrial water supply systems such as removing impurities of filter materials or double layers (anthacite coal - Quartz sand) in filter pressure or gravity.

Sorbent is very effective in the treatment of sewage of main and auxiliary stores producing metals including cycles of cleaning engines, oil tanks, engine oil chambers, warehouses, etc., to eliminate ash substances in high-speed filters.

Sorbent AC regeneration does not require the use of any chemicals. Regeneration is required periodically to remove water with air-incorporated water. During operation, adsorbents are not used. It is a very durable material.

Sorbent AS is not treated with additional active or manganese-based coatings or other catalysts, heavy metal works, eliminating the possibility of failure to deplete or clean the surface of the material.

This is one of the basic differences between Sorbent AS with Birm, Greensand… The catalytic active ingredients including components of the grain structure allow for efficient operation during the absorption process of filter particles.





  • Density (kg/m3): 450 - 480
  • Surface area (m 2/g): 100-120
  • Wear rate (%): 0.06
  • Crushed (%): 0.14
  • Estimated mechanical strength (%): 0.79
  • Granular coefficient: 1.65 -1.71
  • Oil product capacity in dynamic conditions (mg/g): 170
  • Filter speed (m / hr): 10-20
  • Backwash speed 30 - 35% (m / h): 18 -20
  • Water pH value: 6.5
  • Thickness of material layer (cm) 40 - 100
  • Size (mm): 1.5 - 2.5
    Other parameters:
  • Aluminum oxide: <= 4%
  • Iron oxide: <= 5%
  • Total calcium oxide and magnesium: <= 4%
  • Total sodium oxide and potassium oxide: <= 3%

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