Korea Water Dispenser - OVIO

Model: OHC- 500U

Colour: White/Red

Filter system: UF /RO 

Original: Korea 

Warranty: 1 year

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Product introduction


A slim modern design allows the POU cooler to blend in at any environment. Its compact design requires small space and enables easy installation. The dividable water nozzle for cold and hot water allows easy cleaning and sanitation. The overheating prevention feature of the hot water heater allows safe use of the POU cooler.



- Ajustable height

- 4 stage filter system 

- Clean water nozzle

- Modern design

- Overheating prevention

- LED indicator

- Easy to access for changing filters

- Hot water locking system for child safety

- Stainless Steel hot and cold water tank

- Block LG



Dimension  (mm)

260(W) x 462(D) x 1120(H)


22 Kg


220 – 240V 50Hz

220V 60 Hz

100V 50/60Hz

115V 60Hz

Consumption Power (Hot/Cold)

350W / 100W

Tank capacity (Hot/Cold)

2 l / 3,2 l

Temperature (Hot/Cold)

80°C -90°C / 4°C - 12°C

Continuos Discharging Capicity (Hot/Cold)

1,4 l / 1,6 l

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