DHC Activated Carbon - Australia

Name:DHC Activated carbon

Size: 4 * 12 mesh

Density: 0.38 - 0.44 g / cc

Packing: 20 kg/bag

Characteristics:Black granular form, loose warehouse, with original edge.


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Product introduction

DHC activated carbon is exploited from high quality lignite materials and produced at the Company Iluka Resoure of Australia through the activation of steam at high temperature.The quality is strictly controlled in a dedicated on-site  laboratory according to ASTM standard sensure Iodine indexes are stable and up to standard.


DHC activated carbon when used will follow 2 stages: Raw filter and adsorption

  • Raw filter: Impurities, organic substances, etc., larger in size than the pores of coal will be retained on the surface carbon.
  • Adsorption: Small organic substances, heavy metal ions after passing the carbon surface will be adsorbed into the pores of carbon.


  • Used in treating drinking water, waste water, exhaust gas ...
  • Used in the manufacturing industry of pharmaceuticals, fisheries industry, gold, oil industry 
  • Eliminate water-soluble organic substances, heavy metals, deodorize, handle hazardoussubstances and protect lips school.


  • DHC activated Carbon  has a density of 20% lower than other activated carbon types so in the same volume, the material will be poured help save 20% of material costs.
  • At the same time, DHC activated Carbon with low density will have higher porosity, adsorptioncapacity and usage time other types of activated carbon.

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